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 Murud Toursim

The sleepy fishing hamlet of Murud � 165km from Mumbai � should be on any itinerary of the Konkan Coast. The relaxed pace of life, fresh seafood, stupendous offshore Janjira fort (and the chance to feel the warm surf rush past your feet) makes the trip here well worthwhile.

Murud�s beach is fun for a run or game of cricket with locals. Alternatively, you could peer through the gates of the off-limits Ahmedganj Palace, estate of the Siddi Nawab of Murud, or scramble around the decaying mosque and tombs on the south side of town.

About 165 km south of Mumbai in the Raigad district of Maharashtra is Murud Janjira, one of the strongest marine forts of India and the only unconquered one along India�s western coast. Famous for its beaches, the glittering sandy coastline and the villages hemmed with coconut groves, the town of Murud-Janjira attracts large crowds over weekends from Mumbai, which is merely 150 km away. Needless to say, the sea fort is the center of all activity in this small town.

Believed to be one of the strongest sea forts in India from yester years Murud Janjira Fort was built on an oval-shaped rock in the 15th century and was rebuilt by Burhan Khan between 1567 and 1571. Murud Janjira has 19 rounded bastions which are all still intact. There are prominent “Ashok Chakras” on all major gates of the fort.

Sailboats from Rajapuri jetty are the only way to approach the fort that is spread across 22 acres. The fort has 19 bastions which still stand intact and its main gate can be only be visible when one is very close to it. The fort also has a small gate that opens to the sea as an escape route. The fort�s well is a marvel as it contains sweet water (despite being in the middle of the sea) and it is defended by cannons. In its heyday, the fort had palaces, mosques, fresh water tanks, markets and quarters for officers.


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